Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Let’s start the New Year with an old favourite. Of all Motown acts none bring a smile to my face quicker than the Four Tops, especially when watching them. They had an easy going casualness and charm about them as demonstrated in this clip from '66 were they look like four favourite uncles getting up to do a turn at a family party before settling back to the brandy and cigars and telling jokes and chatting about sport. They always looked friendly and comfortable with each other and unlike the Temptations weren't about to jack up in your toilet, make a play for your wife or kick their girlfriend down the stairs. When the Tops do their “rocking top” dance half way through they know they look a bit silly but don’t mind too much as at least it means they don’t have to learn anything more intricate. As great as the Temptations were they never came close to the warmth of the fabulous Four Tops. 

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  1. Here! Here! The tops are tops in my estimation of the Motown 60's crews!