Sunday, 17 May 2009

NEW YORK DOLLS at the 100 CLUB (Footage)

Ah man, I can't write sensibly about that Dolls gig, so here's the footage instead. The sound doesn't do it justice but it gives a sense of the rocks-off atmosphere of the night.

"Pills" was the Bo Diddley cover and the ragged "Personality Crisis" the encore. Enjoy.


  1. New York Dolls + SPIZZENERGI 100 club May 14.
    The show was reveiwed by these lazy journalists: Robert Spellman - Express, Lisa Verrico - Times, John Matthew Hall - Independent, Tim Burrows - Telegraph. All failed to arrive in time to see or even mention SPIZZENERGI - The band that made the event possible by stepping down for The Mean Fiddler to stage the event. What they missed was summed up by these people who paid for their tickets: You Tube comment by kingofpunk1967: "You were BETTER than the NY Dolls & I originally came to see them. Play more dates cos that band of yours is rather special"
    Via email: "Wow what a gig - I thought your support slot was fantastic and by the end of your set the whole audience thought the same - Many thanks!" Titan.
    Facebook: "I was there last night and it has to be said, you put on a darn good show my friend." Michael Herbage.
    It was great to see you and your band playing on a bigger stage. You guys sounded great (better than the NYD) Lin.

    If this sounds like I'm blowing my own trumpet... well if paid professionals are not going to bother then as I am the only surviving "Godfather of D.I.Y. Punk", I will do it myself ;-) One other recent title bestowed in an online review: "Spizz - Britain's Iggy Pop" and now you can add "SPIZZENERGI BETTER THAN THE NEW YORK DOLLS" from the ticket buying public!

  2. You're welcome to your say Spizz and good luck to you. Personally I thought the Dolls absolutely blew you out of water. Different strokes and all that.