Friday, 6 July 2012


Back in the early to mid-1990s the 12 inch was the format of preference budding indie DJs like me. There were extra tracks which made them more like EPs than singles and the sound quality was better too. This was especially noticeable on the trippy, drawn-out psychedelic excursions by the likes of Spectrum, Sun Dial, The Darkside, Spectrum Zero and the first batch of Verve singles (“Gravity Grave” in particular blew my tiny mind). The epic new 45 from The Lucid Dream would’ve fitted perfectly amongst such company.  As it is, it's a 7 inch which plays at 33rpm, a practice I'd outlaw: it's like squeezing fat people into skinny jeans. But for over six minutes The Lucid Dream invite you to hitch a lift on the pulse of their lysergic fantasy before accelerating at warp speed, hitting white knuckle turbulence, riding the storm, quickening the heartbeat, getting deep down, then POP! WHITE LIGHT! breaking on through to the other side. Oh yeah. Hold tight.

"Hits Me Like I'm Stoned" by The Lucid Dream is released as a 7 inch single on Regal Records.

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