Sunday, 14 October 2012


It’s lucky phone boxes are almost a thing of the past because I’d think twice about ever stepping inside one again after watching this disturbing 34 minute film by Antonio Mercero about a man trapped inside a cabina. It’s in Spanish but features hardly any dialogue and none you need to know. Enjoy.


  1. Oh wow - this film has stuck with me ever since I first saw it sometime back in my pre teen years, I'd almost forgotten about it and now you've given me nightmares again. they must have shown it on the BBC about the time it was released but I can't remember seeing it since. I think this (and that one about the boy with the balloon....) started my life long love affair with slightly weird Euro films.

  2. I've read it was shown on BBC2 a few times during the mid 80's. So many people seem to remember it very clearly. I hadn't seen it until the other day but definitely something that stays in the head.