Sunday, 19 February 2012


Not a week goes by without the death of someone whose records sit in my collection. My reaction is usually dependent on two things, both selfish: did they still have anything to offer musically, and did I have any personal contact with them?

In the case of MC5 bassist, Michael Davis, the answer is yes to both. Only last month I wrote about the MC5 Black To Comm boxset that documents an incredible gig from 2008. A year later I was fortunate enough to meet Michael backstage at the Dirty Water Club. Most encounters of this type tend to be along the lines of “Excuse me, would you mind if I had a quick picture with you?” Click. Done. But that night we sat quietly for half an hour chatting and drinking. He was such a mellow, laid back dude and surprisingly open and honest, it felt no subject was off limits as we discussed music, drugs, prison and a load of other stuff. I kept thinking to myself “wow, this is brilliant, remember this bit, remember this bit”. My mate Long John and I were buzzing for days afterwards. “That was MICHAEL DAVIS! Of the MC5!,” we kept saying. It was. It really was. He could’ve been an arse and I’d still love the MC5 but he wasn’t and he made me love them more.

Thanks Michael.

Michael Davis, 5 June 1943 - 17 February 2012.


  1. That's a lovely anecdote, how nice for you - and a great tribute to the man. Last night we felt compelled to dig out that 'Motor City Is Burning' BBC4 documentary about the Detroit scene again, and watch their wonderful performance of 'Looking At You' (love that song anyway!) - so exuberant and so energetic, it stood out then and stands out now.

  2. That's a great documentary. I'm still waiting for the MC5 - A True Testimony film to come out. Supposedly amazing and from the short clips I've seen sure looks it. A real shame the legalities of these things get in the way.

  3. "And then there were two" ...Very sad news,gutted when I heard about it on sunday, my all time favourite rock n' roll band.Finally got to see them play in december 2006,didn't even have a ticket because it was sold out but decided to travel to Belfast at the last minute anyway and managed to get in..brilliant gig!, "Lookin at you" was the highlight for me although they also did "Sister Anne" with Mark Arm from Mudhoney substituting the brass section with a kazoo of all things, which worked surprisingly well!
    I have a copy of A true Testimonial on dvd,got it about 7 years ago when there were a few going around, it's amazing..but yeah they really should try to resolve the legal stuff and give the film an official release.