Thursday, 1 April 2010


The Who played the album Quadrophenia. Start to finish. It had its good parts and its bad parts. If writing a full review the bad parts would outweigh the good which would give a negative spin on what was an enjoyable enough show. Townshend’s theatrical impulses have stood the band in good stead over the years but rather than simply play the tracks his insistence (I’m assuming it was his rather than Daltrey’s) on showing a video narration between songs by a modern “Jimmy” was an unwelcome distraction and spoilt the flow of the music. (I'm showing my age there, it's probably not "video" at all, more like a hi-definition multi media wall screen enhancement facility). The odd growl aside, Townshend was in good voice but would it be cynical to suggest that Eddie Vedder only comes on to hit the notes Daltrey can’t?

The primary purpose was to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust so it’s churlish of me to pick too many holes. And far be it for me to rattle anyone’s tins but if you fancy donating you can do so here. Or any other cancer charity of your choice. There can’t be many of us who haven’t been, and still are, affected in some way. Speech over.

One benefit of donating from the comfort of your laptop is you won’t need to endure the embarrassing sight of the geezer from Kasabian playing the Ace Face with all the style and grace of a wooden X-Factor contestant on “60s Night” giving it some attitude.


  1. That good Eh?? Think I'll stick to my £X.00 pm dd to Cancer Research and my KAAR / Amazing Jeorney dvd's of the magnificent, 'Orrible ' Oo all their pomp & glory ta very much Monk! x

  2. Yeah you're right, a full revue would make it sound like a bad show when it actually all came over pretty well even if it sounded a bit under-rehearsed here and there... and I quite liked the bloke out of Kasabian hamming it up as from where I was sitting he livened things up a bit - then again I was rather a long way from the stage...

  3. Aye, it wasn't bad at all - just not as good as other Who shows. Probably part of it is that as fine an album Quadrophenia is, it lacks enough standout tracks that translate well to a live setting. 5:15 and Love Reign O'er Me - that's about it.