Monday, 12 April 2010


Jack Kerouac was recently voted 23rd best dressed man of all time by Esquire magazine. According to them “because during the decade that brought the world The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, Kerouac embraced workwear as both a functional uniform and a nod to nonconformity.” I’m guessing Jack would be flattered and bemused in equal measures.

For the full list see here.


  1. What a joke. Kerouac just wore what the young, average, working class man did. Bill was much more hip in his suits and hats...unintentionally, of course.

  2. I'm a little bemused, too... Jack was great, but well dressed? No...

  3. I'm with you two chaps. Ridiculous. Boots for hiking, jeans for the railroad, plaid shirt for drinking, average-joe look for public appearances - hardly pushing the style boundaries.

  4. Try thinking of it in terms of style rather than fashion, in other words he had the ability to look good in whatever he wore, as most photographs of Jack attest. Then contrast with people, lets say all these interchangeable indie bands today, who may wear fashionable/hip clothing but still look like chumps.

  5. c,mon you guys, know, as in 23?
    is perfect burroughs would say -
    kerouac would probably grunt "is way of mad world of $ that jeans ripped up would be high-dollar item" the outre and underground is always becomes market fetish

    recently watched "grey flannel suit" parts with hypnotic t.v. violence effecting kids: prophetic i guess - very icky performances all around...

  6. Good call reference "23" - hadn't noticed. Bill would def have something to say about that.