Sunday, 23 August 2009


Hip music magazine Shindig! has received a welcome wash and shave, and for the first time in ages thankfully doesn’t feature anyone with a beard on the cover; instead going for the immeasurably more pleasing features of Julie Driscoll, who is covered in-depth.

Among the things I like about Shindig! is the mix of lengthy features and snappy, to-the-point, reviews; plus coverage of bands like, in this issue, Wimple Winch and Spirit, neither I’ve listened to for yonks yet am now keen to rediscover. Also, an amusing encounter with Question Mark of ? & The Mysterians and an interview with Kim Fowley: “If it’s a soloist I want to hear a teardrop in the voice. If it’s fast I want to see teenagers hurling themselves through the air”.

Despite being rooted in the past, the free CD of 20 current bands looking backwards to look forwards is not only surprising in depth but quality too, and puts to shame all the bin botherers Mojo dishes out.

Available from “all good record shops” but there’s more chance of finding a copy of “Desdemona” in the local charity shop than one of those on your high street, so best subscribe from

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