Saturday, 15 August 2009


Two weeks until the bank holiday weekend so those that haven’t sorted themselves out should get a wriggle on and book digs in Brighton unless you fancy sleeping on the beach. And trust me, I’ve done it, and it ain’t clever and leaves pebbled imprints on your face and body for hours meaning you walk around not only aching to buggery but looking like Quasimodo in crumpled hipsters. Not a good look.

The New Untouchables have laid on a club night, two all-nighters, a couple of daytime dos, some bands, a scooter cruise and sundry other items for those of a modernist or 60s bent. Providing the weather is good, chewing the cud outside the Volk's Tavern nursing a sore head, a tub of cockles, a pint of Stella and a bottle of Desperado as a few scooters splutter into view is as good a way as any to spend an afternoon.

If all that isn’t incentive enough, you can also catch me DJing in the evenings. Rest assured it’ll be strictly R&B movers with a smattering of soulful groovers. If I whack on The Smiths it surely will be a case of hang the DJ.

See for full info.

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