Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Fusion only broadcasts for one hour every week but that hour is one of the highlights of the week. Every Sunday a motley crew of music loving freaks hang out, play records, drink and have some fun. Listeners either submit a playlist for head lunatic Mick to deliver or have a stab at presenting themselves.

This week I’m honoured to been entrusted to fill the hot seat in Fusion’s rickety old studio for the latest instalment of Monkey’s Wandering Wireless Show. There’ll be roughly 60 minutes of tunes spanning the 60 years between 1956 and 2016: soul, R&B, beat, things with guitars, songs ya know and some you might not, with the odd surprise thrown in here and there.

If you sign up to hosting site Mixlr you’ll be able to join in the chat with the Fusion family (they don’t bite, properly house-trained) as the show goes on, or simply hit the link below in time for 8.30pm and listen in. Bring some booze and enjoy.

Now available to listen at your leisure on the Fusion Showreel here: MWWS Showreel

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