Wednesday, 14 September 2016


UPDATE: To catch up with this show, and to hear Paul Orwell's exclusive and incredible track recorded especially for the show, go here: MWWS on FUSION.

“When are you next doing your radio show?” you’ve both asked. Thanks Mum, thanks Dad. Well, the wait is nearly over as this Sunday, Monkey’s Wandering Wireless Show returns to the airwaves of the hippest station on the dial, Fusion.

If you’ve listened before don’t let that put you off and if you’ve not done so it’s one hour of songs you know and songs you might not all thrown into a big aural pot of monkey magic. Spanning about 60 years and they’ll all be great of course.

I’m still finalizing the playlist but fans and admirers of Paul Orwell should definitely tune in… 

Ensure you click on for an 8.30pm sharp start. If you want to join Mixlr beforehand to join the chat/abuse with the Fusion family as the show goes on help yourself but not essential to listen. See ya there comrades.

Fusion runs every Sunday night 8.30-9.30pm with different listeners selecting a playlist. An essential, and great fun, end to the weekend.

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