Saturday, 21 June 2014


After a break of thirty years The Action reformed – with all five original members – in 1998 to play two shows at the Ryde Theatre in the Isle of Wight for the New Untouchables August Bank Holiday Mod Rally.

“We weren’t quite sure what to expect and the place was jam-packed! The queues were going both ways from the box office around the whole building.” – Reggie King from In The Lap Of The Mods by Ian Hebditch and Jane Shepherd.

This set list from the afternoon show, when they added "Cool Jerk", is a nice piece of memorabilia obtained by DJ Lee Miller (before winding its to me) and was written out by Reggie King and signed by the entire band: Reggie, Alan King, Mike Evans, Roger Powell and Pete Watson. It's interesting to note how they focused on the songs they performed in their original club days rather than those recorded for Parlophone; only six out of the eighteen appeared on the seminal collection, The Ultimate Action, and the young Mod crowd had to wait until song nine to hear one. A bold move. What I'd give for George Martin produced recordings of The Impressions' "Meeting Over Yonder" and "People Get Ready" to turn up one day. I can hear them in my head already. 


  1. Nice. Cool piece of memorabilia. Framed I trust?

  2. If I had enough spare wall space it would be!

  3. Does that say "Jones" around track 12? I used to run into a 60s Melody Maker journalist called Nick Jones at rare gigs by the Fleshtones in London. He had lots of fascinating 100 miles-an-hour anecdotes about the Mod scene. For example, he once claimed that the Birds were the first band to use a double kick drum. Who could argue? Anyway, I know he has a strong association with the Action (he co-wrote Something Has Hit Me and plays percussion on Reggie King recordings) and think he would make the perfect interviewee for your blog. Seem to think he is living in Bognor Regis now. Cheers.

  4. Hi Steve, That's very eagle-eyed of you and I think you're right in it referring to Nick Jones. I'm pretty sure he was there. When I was working on the liner notes to Circle's reissue of Reggie's album Nick was one of the people I spoke to and he - as you say - had loads of stories. I only phoned him on the off-chance - didn't even know I had the right number - and an hour later he was still gassing away. Really useful stuff too. Maybe worth another call as you suggest!