Wednesday, 4 June 2014


This is an odd one. Published by Café Royal Books, Modernist Revival is a series of black and white photographs by Jonathan Mortimer with no accompanying text. No names, no years, no places.

It’s only because I recognise many friends and places I’m able to tell you most were taken in Gijon in Spain, the Isle of Wight and Brighton. Putting a year on them is more difficult as although I was probably there that period is now a hazy mush but I’d say circa 1998. A few of the photos are interesting to see what the Mod Scene looked like at that (undisclosed) time but most are fairly routine and unremarkable snaps. The cover image is particularly terrifying and a bizarre choice.

Modernist Revival, 28 x A5 pages (some blank), limited to 150 copies. £5 plus P&P from Cafe Royal Books.


  1. I was really underwhelmed by this too. The lack of text wouldn't bother me if the pictures conveyed "a time and a place" (even to those that weren't there) but their randomness makes it all a bit cold and soul-less. I don't begrudge anyone a couple of pints - but £7.50 posted felt a bit cheeky.

  2. You're right. I bought it out of curiosity then wished I hadn't. Jack White (the other one) looks good in it though.

  3. Yep - well worth £7.50 if it happens to feature oneself in a great photo! :)

  4. Two pound fifty was postage was piss taking.