Thursday, 11 February 2016


Monkey Picks mind expanders of choice, The Lucid Dream, have conjured up another cosmic voyage in to the back of the brain. ‘Bad Texan’ is the lead track from their forthcoming EP and a taster from their work-in-progress third album due in the autumn.

The track has a smidge of an early 90s “always been a dancefloor element to our music” feel in the extended tripped out intro before landing in more familiar wash-of-noise territory during it’s seven minutes. Seems only appropriate it’ll be released on 12 inch (and download) via Holy Are You Records on 11 March 2016 with BBC session versions of previous album tracks “Unchained Dub” and “Morning Breeze”. 


  1. I really don't understand how this band are not huge. It is almost a disappointment every time I see their LPs at a decent price in record shops.

  2. I hear ya. Think they think it's Carlisle-ism.

  3. Saw their gig Saturday in Islington. Truly magnificent. £8. Only 50/60 people there. Was gonna hang around but it was that slightly tragic goth venue where Slimelight occurred. Made me feel old