Tuesday, 16 February 2016


The Independent today shared a post from Letters of Note which highlighted the etiquette expected in 9th Century China if one got sloshed and acted inappropriately in polite society.  The miscreant would copy the following and deliver with head suitably bowed:

“Yesterday, having drunk too much, I was intoxicated as to pass all bounds; but none of the rude and coarse language I used was uttered in a conscious state. The next morning, after hearing others speak on the subject, I realised what had happened, whereupon I was overwhelmed with confusion and ready to sink into the earth with shame.”

Moving on 1160 years and the seventh issue of lit zine Paper & Ink is themed around the demon drink and the dreaded hangover. It is difficult to imagine many of these renegade writers of poetry and prose issuing a formal apology but they offer far more imagination and insight than the usual “you shoulda seen us last night…” tales.

Any mag featuring Joseph Ridgwell and u v ray is worth the investment and Cockney boy Ridgwell’s ‘A Two Day Old Pony’ short story does not feature anything of the equine kind. Ray’s excerpt from his soon to be published stylized new novel Black Cradle picks the beneath the scab of the human existence as only he can. There are plenty of other names within the 40 pages with Vicki Jarrett’s ‘Schrodinger’s Hangover’ sticking in my mind.

As editor Martin Appleby states in his introduction, “After reading this issue you will probably feel like you have been for a night on the booze with Charles Bukowski, but trust me, you will not regret a single second.”

Martin is correct. All this talk of booze is making me thirsty so I’m gonna pour myself a beer, you can pick up a copy of Paper & Ink for £2.50 here.

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