Sunday, 28 February 2016


1.  Billie Holiday – “I’m A Fool To Want You” (1958)
Opening track from the classic Lady In Satin. Ray Ellis’s arrangement and Lady Day’s all-too-believable vocal are exquisitely paired on this Frank Sinatra song. 

2.  Jimmy Gordon – “Buzzzzzz” (1963)
Wicked surf-fuzz instrumental released on Challenge by Hollywood session man Jimmy Gordon.

3.  Hoyt Axton – “Thunder ‘n’ Lightnin’” (1963)
Hoyt’s mum wrote “Heartbreak Hotel”; something for you trivia fans. There’s nothing trivial about this earthy and manly folk tune.

4.  David Newman – “Miss Minnie” (1967)
Fathead Newman swops his tenor for his flute on this nimble little mover.

5.  Sons of Champlin – “Fat City” (1967)
Hammond and horns workout guaranteed to shed a few pounds on any dancefloor. This and the Jimmy Gordon track above are included on a new 3-CD set Looking Stateside: 80 US R&B, Mod, Soul & Garage Nuggets, an excellent compilation to create a club vibe at home.

6.  Brenda Lee Jones – “You’re The Love Of My Life” (1967)
After a few singles as half of Dean & Jean, Brenda threw everything but the kitchen sink into this magnificent soul-pop number.

7.  The Electric Toilet – “Mississippi Hippy” (1970)
I’m not making this shit up, there honestly was a band called the Electric Toilet. Here they sound like a swamp-funk Tony Joe White which isn’t something to be sniffed at.

8.  Roy Ayers Ubiquity – “He’s A Superstar” (1972)
Roy gets spiritual and funky. The sound of the son of a carpenter donned out in a purple flared suit and floppy felt hat.

9.  The Sorcerers – “The Horror” (2015)
ATA Records is an independent, musician owned and run record label based Leeds who create and release a mix of new takes on classic 60’s & 70’s soul, gospel, funk, R&B, jazz, library, Big Band and film music using vintage analog equipment, tape machines and plenty of valves. The Sorcerers self-titled LP is a suitably spooky cauldron of jazz beats and breaks.

10.  Mavis Staples – “If It’s A Light” (2016)
The wonderful Ms Staples has an album of new songs out this month, Livin’ On A High Note, and this one written by Charity Rose Thielen from Seattle’s “indie folk” The Head & The Heart and sung beautifully by Mavis is one of the highlights.

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  1. Good stuff as always sir!I grew up on Hoyt Axton's "Saturday's Child" LP, highly recommended if you are not already familiar.