Saturday, 26 June 2010


The Kinks’ remarkable job in keeping its original members alive sadly came to an end with the passing of Pete Quaife this week. I cross Waterloo Bridge and walk along the Embankment most days and often run through his rumbling bass opening to “Waterloo Sunset” in my head. Thanks Pete.


  1. Finding this out put a damper on my Friday afternoon.

    After both Davies brothers surviving events that would have been the end of lesser men, I felt my theory that the band members didn't want to be the first to go as they didn't trust the others to pay tribute to them had been refuted.

    Will now spend several hours trying to work out which classy 60's band still have all members surviving. Only ones that immediately are The Easybeats and The Herd.

  2. You've done better than me, I could've think of any off hand.

  3. Amen! I see I'm not the only one who scrounged up a pic of Pete on his SS180!

    Sadly I think Andrew Steele of The Herd passed away a few years back....equally sad is the fact that someday we will face an era where most of our R&R heroes haved moved on.