Thursday, 4 March 2010


That is they did on this very day a mere 43 years ago. That’ll be 1967 for the less mathematical among you.

Plucky third division underdogs came back from 0-2 down at half time against cup holders and first division hot shots West Bromwich Albion to triumph 3-2. Hip hip. I can still hear the distant sound of rattles from Wembley to Shepherd’s Bush hanging in the London air.

That’s old skipper m’lad Mike Keen above. Mike passed away earlier this season and he’ll be remembered this Saturday when the two teams meet again and the surviving Superhoop heroes will be introduced to the Loftus Road crowd (once again). Bet West Brom fans can hardly wait.

I understand none of this is of the remotest interest to any of you but there aren’t many chances I get to use the above picture so kindly humour me.

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  1. Ha ha ha...nice to see a picture of QPR winning something. I've seen the footage before on TV.