Monday, 22 March 2010


You know how it is. You’re sat there watching Deal Or No Deal and Noel is milking the Banker’s offer, so your attention wanders and you ‘ave a butchers around your living room. It’s a nice gaff, all your bits and pieces giving it that homely feel. But then again, maybe what you need to top it off, that finishing touch, that little cherry on top, that little talking point, that piece de resistance, is a portrait of a family of East End psychopaths and murderers. Reggie and Ronnie flanking the lesser spotted Charlie Kray. Set the room off summink lovely that would.

Well, this could be your lucky day sunshine. Get a wriggle on up west to Bonhams and pick one up from that David Bailey. Black and white, 19 and a half inch squared, they’ll bung in the frame, all in including VAT (do it proper like), £70,500. Try and get ‘em to knock off a monkey, call it £70,000.

I was up there today and he’s sold seven already. Do a few runs the length of Bethnal Green Road this week, into the pubs and small businesses, offer your protection services and you’ll have rustled up the readies quicker than you can say “fat poof”.

Of course for the more poncey types there are other snaps. A tab-collared saucepan Mick Jagger (eight sold so far). A massive 42 inch Michael Caine smoking a fag (careful how you interpret that) has only one buyer. Some skinny birds, some scouse gits, some pop artist, a bleedin’ dancer and an old boy with a stick.

Now, who’s got change for the jukebox?

Pure Sixties Pure Bailey is at Bonhams, 101 New Bond Street, London until 7 April 2010, admission free.

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