Thursday, 9 June 2011


I’ve been listening to a new double CD called Music To Die For: Death Discs 1914-1960. It contains 52 songs about death. Most of them pretty violent deaths too. Kentucky sounds like a perilous place to live and if you're offered a lift in a motor vehicle be prepared to meet a grisly end. Among the many highlights is a tune about a father drunkenly driving over his own son, a two hour honeymoon, and a school bus swerving off the road killing 27 children.

This one sung by the Louvin Brothers is the best. Look at them. Those haircuts should've been a warning. They think nothing of beating a lover to death with a stick as she pleads for mercy, dragging her by the hair, chucking her in the back of a truck and dumping her bludgeoned body in the river.

Plus, without any trace of irony, they warmly dedicate it to the people of Knoxville.

Music To Die For: Death Discs 1914-1960 is released by Chrome Dreams.


  1. Seriously scary, but thanks for the entertainment! I kept thinking (hoping) I was watching Rich Hall doing one his p*sstake songs. Sadly no.

  2. Seems funny it was considered totally fine for prime time mid-50s television.