Sunday, 26 June 2011


1. Johnny Burnette Trio – “The Train Kept A-Rollin’” (1956)
The Yardbirds famously tore this up but check this raw and raucous rockabilly version.

2. Jessie Hill – “Ooh Poo Pah Doo” (1960)
Jessie created a disturbance in the mind of the whole of New Orleans and beyond with his nutty call and response smash.

3. The Small Faces – “The Autumn Stone” (1968)
Sheer perfection.

4. George Jones – “Heartaches and Hangovers” (1968)
Thought this was Merle Haggard but like Merle boozy four-time-married George knows a thing or two about heartaches and hangovers.

5. The Byrds – “Your Gentle Way Of Loving Me” (1969)
Pulled from the back of the shelf, Dr. Byrds and Mr. Hyde isn't quite the unmitigated disaster I remembered it as.

6. Ella Fitzgerald – “Yellow Man” (1969)
In no way is this a recommendation but the racist scat singing needs to be heard to be believed.

7. Elastica – “Smile” (1995)
I hadn’t listened to Elastica’s album until the other week. Should’ve paid more attention.

8. Lampchop – “Nashville Parent” (2000)
It doesn't work so well the rest of the week but on sore head Sundays Lambchop’s Nixon does the trick.

9. Art Brut – “Sealands” (2011)
In which Art Brut successfully navigate away from their usual stormy sea into fresh calmer water.

10. Comet Gain – “Herbert Huncke, Part 2” (2011)
Naming your song after a Beat Generation icon almost guarantees a Monkey Picks mention, especially when put to a chugging Velvet Underground rhythm.


  1. Just discovered this blog via a link from Sun Dried Sparrows....are you sure that you're not me....well, anyway, have to agree that The Autumn Stone is perfection and saw Bobby Gillespie and co at the Eden project the other night and they were wonderful - i reckon Bobby has Keith Richards in his attic a la Dorian Gray, how does he look like that at his age ? Oh and the man knows how to wear a silver shiny shirt too ! Anyway I shall be keeping an eye on things here just to see what it is I like ! Cheers.

  2. Thank you both. Bel Mondo - you sound like someone of extremely good taste, welcome aboard.