Friday, 28 January 2011


If Monkey Picks mourned the passing of every artist to trouble the R&B chart it would soon resemble the obituary section of the Eastbourne Evening Echo, but the addition of Gladys Horton to Hitsville’s heavenly branch deserves a mention and provides the chance to pay a small tribute to the marvelous Marvelettes.

Horton’s bluesy rasp was gradually edged out by the smoother soul of group mate Wanda Young but the quality of their records never dipped from Motown’s first number one, “Please Mr. Postman”, in 1961 right up until the decade’s last knockings. Yet somehow that often gets overlooked. Not here.

When Berry Gordy gives me the nod to cash in with a hastily compiled Marvelettes compilation, it’ll look something like this:

1. I’ll Keep On Holding On
2. Danger, Heartbreak Dead Ahead
3. Destination: Anywhere
4. Don’t Make Hurting Me A Habit
5. My Baby Must Be A Magican
6. Please Mr. Postman
7. Beechwood 45789
8. You’re My Remedy
9. Too Many Fish In The Sea
10. Your Cheating Ways
11. Barefootin’
12. Goddess of Love
13. Strange I Know
14. Here I Am Baby
15. As Long As I Know He’s Mine
16. I Need Someone
17. Locking Up My Heart
18. Marionette
19. Keep Off, No Trespassing
20. Too Strong To Be Strung Along

Gladys Horton (30 May 1945-26 January 2011).


  1. Well done sir! You're far more up on The Marvelettes than me, I think I'd only have been able to come up 10!

  2. Ta Bill, I'm well versed in the Marvelettes. Started off trying to do a top ten but was too difficult so did twenty and still missed out stuff like He Was Really Saying Something, When I Need You plus a few more famous ones. If you measured them against The Vandellas - who I also love - reckon The Marvelettes would come out top.

  3. Nice one Monk. Think I would have found room for 'I'm Gonna Hold On As Long As I Can' on there somewhere tho... ;-)

  4. You would! A typical Rowlyesque funky soul tune!