Thursday, 6 January 2011


Fans of 60s psychedelic wonders The Golden Dawn will be saddened to hear about the ill health of main man George Kinney. According to Texas Psychedelic Rock George has been diagnosed with liver cancer and requires expensive treatment and medication. A fund has been created to help with these expenses.

As best friends growing up in Austin, Texas, George and Roky Erickson wreaked havoc at school and as the local bad boy beatniks on the folk scene. George eventually formed The Golden Dawn and Roky of course gained notoriety and worse with the 13th Floor Elevators, and the pair remained close. It was with Roky’s help that the Dawn signed to International Artists in 1967 and cut their lost-now-found classic LP, Power Plant. The Elevators influence is striking but Power Plant stands on its own merits as its acid drenched tentacles maneuver themselves into the darkest recesses of one’s fragile egg shell mind. It may be slightly contentious but I’d say only one Elevators album surpasses this one.

When Roky was locked up in the mental home in the early 70s it was George who smuggled out the manuscripts - which he published - that became the book Openers. This publication has been credited with helping to secure Roky’s release, so he seems like a good egg to me.

Should you wish to donate to George’s treatment you can do so via PayPal to If you’ve never heard The Golden Dawn, treat your ears to this – the incredible “Starvation”.

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