Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Fanzine editors, don’t know they’re bloody born. Back when I were a lad (cue Hovis music) I’d be there in my bedroom, kneeling on the floor, leaning on the bed, using my Prehistoric Animals book as a table, armed with a portable Woolworth’s typewriter, some scissors, some Pritt Stick and a wad of third generation photocopies of pictures of The Action, spouting off about records, books, clubs and whatnot. You can imagine the result: not unlike an uglier MonkeyPicks but with more spelling mistakes and even worse grammar (if you can believe that).

But that was then, things move on, and I’ve nothing but admiration for those who continue to self publish in paper and ink like the trio responsible for the unashamedly Mod, Double Breasted. Issue six is the first one I’ve seen since the first couple and it has really come on in leaps and bounds. Along with a strong layout and design (no sign of Pritt Stick) there’s plenty to read. Next to the usual club pieces, record and book reviews, and adverts dressed as articles, the big scoop for me is the interview with Stan Lewis who formed the R&B label Jewel Records in 1963. Good work. I also like the interview with Dave Walker from the Modculture website whose curmudgeonly mood contrasts nicely with the everything’s fab tone of much of the rest. If I was going to offer one piece of constructive criticism (which I am) then it would be for a stronger editorial personality to come through.

I got my copy from my tailor George Dyer (Threadneedleman), who is featured here and now I’ve given him another plug I’ll be looking for a few bob off my next hipsters, but I think it costs about £3. Find them on Facebook or e-mail them at The next issue is due in June.

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  1. These damned kids passion. There's no zine like one done with a Brother AX10 typewriter, Letraset rub on letters, a stick of glue and some very expensive photo halftones!! If you'll excuse me the girl is here with my pills and she's promised to wheel me out on the deck today as it's sunny................

    Seriously sounds like fun, and how cool is it that you've got a tailor who turns you onto cool fanzines? I've got neither!