Sunday, 4 February 2018


Here’s some interesting footage of Kenny Lynch going about his daily business in 1965. Bit of boxing training in the gym, a drive in his Rolls Royce through his old East End stomping ground, cutting a business deal in his sumptuous West End office, joshing with market traders in Berwick Street, serving behind the counter of his record shop in Soho’s Walker’s Court (this scene being the highlight and, incidentally, his shop was dead opposite the sandwich bar Harvey Gould spoke about in recent Harvey's Soho post) before putting the finishing touches to a new song. All before teatime.


  1. Oh like the new header BTW.

  2. the village where I live and have always lived had an annual showmen I was kid [age wise ] and our local MP was Clement Freud [less said about him the better by all accounts ] Anyway every year he would get a 'name ' for the show hence making one of the biggest village shows in East Anglia ! I'm pretty sure Kenny was there one year [in fact other than Macca and the rest of Wings I think we had everyone from the cover of 'Band on the Run! ' there was Cilla , Lonnie Donagan ,Alex Higgins , Alan Minter loads .......then when Clement Freud left it went down hill fast !! When 'Lofty ' from Eastenders was a household name - we had posters for 'Lofty' all over the village [ turned out it was Don Estelle - who wasnt very currant ] then we had Geoffery and the Rainbow gang [ Bungle was no show ] ........ah the golden years and all I have to show for it is a signed Look-in annual by Joanna Lumley !

    1. Zyd mate, you been on the cheese before bedtime again?

  3. ah ha ! Kenny Lynch brought on flashbacks !

  4. ah ha ! Kenny Lynch brought on flashbacks !