Thursday, 24 March 2016


Not only is Easter Sunday the day we reflect on baby Jesus being reborn in a chocolate egg delivered by fluffy yellow chicks but it’s also when Monkey’s Wandering Wireless Show returns to the airwaves.

Yes indeed, for on Sunday there’ll be maximum singing and minimal sermonizing as I attempt to squeeze as many spirit lifting songs as possible into an hour’s broadcast on the hippest station on the dial, Fusion.

Sundays on Fusion is always the place to be so thanks to them for trusting me to lead the flock this week. There’ll be things you know and maybe one or two you don’t but it’ll all - R&B, soul, garage punk and more - be great.

Click on the link below in time for a prompt 8.30pm start. If you wanna join up on Mixlr beforehand you’ll be able to chat with the congregation, otherwise just tune in. See ya there. 

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