Friday 8 January 2016


The debut single by The Senior Service is released today on Damaged Goods Records. ‘Depth Charge’ b/w ‘Hall of Mirrors’ is the work of the instrumental quartet Graham Day (guitar), Jon Barker (organ), Darryl Hartley (bass) and Wolf Howard (drums).

Looking at that line-up of Medway magnificence it doesn’t require me to say much more than they sound exactly how you would hope and expect: bespectacled spy walks into a nightclub as a swingin’ 60s go-go soundtrack is played by musicians with a long streaks of ash hanging from their Players No.6 as half-drunk jugs of Watney’s Red Barrel sit on their amps. If that doesn’t sell it, nothing will. 

The single is available from Damaged Goods and the combo have a special launch show at the Half Moon in Putney on Saturday 30th January, presented by the Retro Man Blog.  

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