Friday, 15 January 2016


Stand by yer modern-day internet wireless contraptions, Monkey's Wandering Wireless Show returns - finally - to the airwaves on Sunday 31 January on the hippest station on the dial, Fusion.

It'll be business as usual - although we've upgraded the mic from the early shows, I can't vouch that the content of my links will be any better - with an hour of tunes spanning the decades and genres but with one thing in common: they're all gonna be great records.

Come and join us and see if you agree. Click on the link below in time for a 8.30pm blast-off. And if you wanna join in the chat with the Fusion regular listeners you can register at any time.

See ya there comrades. This'll be the show planned for 17 January which, due to circumstances beyond our control (no pigging signal from Fusion's secret offshore location), had to be postponed (twice). Apologies for the messing about, it'll be worth the wait...


UPDATE: Now available to listen at your leisure here.

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