Sunday, 12 July 2015


After posting the monthly playlist on here I’m occasionally asked where the tracks can be found to listen to. I could include links but choose not to as they are generally easily accessible by YouTube or Spotify and it leaves the onus on the reader to engage, however slightly, with the thrill of the chase.

However, Mike Woodward who runs God's Eternal Jukebox blog – containing a veritable feast of wonderful Spotify playlists – has done all the donkey work for you and gone through the Monkey Picks monthly lists throughout the years to create the motherlode: as it currently stands, 577 tracks across over 34 hours. Huge thanks to Mike for making the effort.  

I was a bit sceptic as to how useful such a beast would be – I tend to like neat hour segments – but this week alone I’ve heard from folk playing it at work, down the gym and, most satisfyingly, by the pool on holiday in Cyprus. I’ve dipped in and out of it and to be honest there are so many fantastic songs I’d half forgotten about. So, if you have 34 hours to spare, let me tell you the story of my life…

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