Sunday, 12 January 2014


Here's a collection of music magazines featuring the mighty mighty Curtis Mayfield as cover star. If you know others I'd love to add them. Please get in touch and we'll see how many we can find.
Cash Box (1971)
Blues & Soul (1972)
Jet (1973)
Black Music (1974)

Blues & Soul (1974)
Blues & Soul (1975)
Jet (1976)

Melody Maker (1979)
New Musical Express (1983)
Blues & Soul (1994)
Goldmine (1997)

Mojo (2002)
Wax Poetics (2009)
N'digo (2013)


  1. Excellent finds John. Love the Melody Maker one for how it captures the time - "Curtis Mayfield Goes Disco" - and the reference to Blondie's Mod Couple is a real bonus! Added above. Left off the Disc one is want to keep it to ones with his image. Thanks ever so much. Monk

  2. Many thanks to Bill Sullivan for the Cash Box one.

  3. Monkey,

    I enjoy your posts, particularly reading your monthly playlist reviews. Do you ever get any flack for not offering music on site? I have to admit that I've been very conflicted about this issue myself.

  4. Thanks VG. Apart from the occasional YouTube clip I try not to clutter the site with music links and streams for two reasons: because it looks messy, and folks can still search for things online if they're interested enough after reading. Personally I still like the thrill of have to search for stuff. The modern age does mean this is much quicker and easier than rooting around second hand record shops to hear things but I don't want things to be too easy. Where's the fun in that?!

    That said, on your site (very nice it is too) because your posts are all about one specific record at a time maybe it would be useful. That's no help is it? All the best, Monkey

  5. Thanks for taking a look, Monkey. It's always useful to hear someone else's opinion. I think I will have to turn outlaw and provide at least a few listening opportunities. I'll let you know.

  6. Monkey,
    Sadly, I doubt my writing spurs many visitors to go searching for the tracks. In case you're interested, I've posted a few tunes.