Saturday, 14 May 2011


Whenever I read a fanzine I briefly hanker for my old fanzine producing days. Then I remember how much easier it is doing Monkey Picks and the idea gets dismissed, so full credit to those keeping the faith.

One Two Five comes from a mod/60’s direction but with a focus on new bands is firmly set in the present day, with a strong local (County Antrim) flavour. It won’t win any design prizes, very much a made-and-printed-at-home affair but its spirit and enthusiasm overcome that. It also makes a pleasant change to read someone prepared to tell it like it is. In a small scene like the mod one it’s not easy to do without ruffling peacock feathers, so again, credit for that.

Among all the bands are a few that caught my eye and look worthy of further investigation. Top of the list is Argentinian combo The Omelettes. Well, with a name like that. And with a shop name like Mike Hunt Classic Clothing, the next time I’m in Belfast, I’ll pop in. But the highlight is an interview with the late Mark Tulin of legendary (think they’re just about worthy of that title) garage psychsters, The Electric Prunes. Their relationship with producer Dave Hassinger makes interesting reading. “He discouraged us from writing songs. He told us we stunk. As a matter of fact, for some of the songs that are on the album, we had to go in and cut demos, bring them in and tell him someone else wrote them.”

Twenty four full colour A4 pages, priced three quid. Search for it via eBay or contact for further details.

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