Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Here’s a picture of Art Brut beginning their five night residency at the Lexington yesterday. Not a good photo but it does capture a little of the atmosphere.

I love how bass player Freddy Feedback (unfortunately missed off the photo) beams and sings along to herself as if Jim has fixed it for her to play with her favourite band, and with ringmaster Eddie Argos shouting his drunken confessionals and ad-libbing the songs into unexpected directions, like the ten minute improvised version of “Modern Art” when he goes into the audience and gets everyone – bar us and a couple of ex-These Animal Men – to sit down, more Jackanory than James, there’s not a moment you’re safe to nip to the loo without fear of missing some tomfoolery. Argos wonders aloud why people don’t take Art Brut seriously…

Fourth album Brilliant! Tragic! is still seeping in to the memory but rowdy newies like “Axl Rose” and latest 45 “Lost Weekend”, which although rehashes a stack of familiar Argos themes centred on drunken sex, adopts a more Cockeresque delivery, slotted in next to old singles and swathes from what must now be considered their “classic” debut Bang Bang Roll & Roll.

In a pairing as perfect as Eric and Ernie, earlier in the evening were The Lovely Eggs. I wrote last week how they won over a pub of drunks on a Friday at midnight but more impressively they repeated the trick to a sober room on a Monday at half eight. Opener “People Are Twats” was met with an awkward and confused silence but song by song people cottoned on, and from an ugly duckling grew a beautiful swan. Fucking hell. On that shamefully dreadful analogy and until I think of a better way to end this, here’s another blurry photo.

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