Sunday, 8 August 2010


Not only is Double Breasted a well put together and attractively designed fanzine, it also manages to make the mod scene look like a forward thinking, intelligent and vibrant place to be.

The usual fanzine fayre of club, gig and record reviews are supplemented by interesting more left-field articles. I’d never heard the word “maven” until Neil Lee’s piece and Richard Searle informs me there are skateboarding mods (yes, really). Cristina Alonso’s guide to Barcelona should see EasyJet’s profits rise, Mace also does his bit for air travel with flying to the States on record buying trips, and Claudia Elliott and Jonathan Marsh suggest further reading.

Lots more to discover within its 36 glossy A5 pages. Three quid includes P&P. Find them on Facebook or email at

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