Sunday, 31 December 2017


1.  Hank Williams – ‘Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain’ (1951)
Although written by Fred Rose and originally recorded by Roy Acuff this - simplicity of lyric, the aching delivery - still sounds like pure Hank.

2.  Rolling Stones – ‘I Just Want To Make Love To You’ (1964)
New collection The Rolling Stones On Air brings together the band’s early BBC recordings and for the most part they are curiously polite performances, as if on their best behaviour, but here, in front of a live audience rather than studio surroundings, they tear it up.

3.  Toni Daly – ‘Like The Big Man Said’ (1966)
Sassy Southend chanteuse warns against dubious men promising the world.

4.  Sun Ra & His Arkestra – ‘Ankhnation (aka Intergalactic Motion)’ (1966)
From Pictures of Infinity, this is nine minutes of nutty arkestral elation.

5.  David Newman – ‘We’re A Winner’ (1968)
Tenor man Newman takes on The Impressions.

6.  Bobby Womack – ‘It’s Gonna Rain’ (1969)
One of Bobby’s best.

7.  Ghetto Brothers – ‘Girl From The Mountain’ (1972)
Puerto Rican New York street gang turn to jangly guitars and irresistible rhythms. Sweet as.

8.  Whiteout – ‘Detroit’ (1994)
Scottish moptops really shoulda cleaned up with their string of splendid singles: ‘No Time’, ‘Starrclub’, ‘Detroit’ and ‘Jackie’s Racing’. No justice.

9.  Kasabian – LSF (2004)
I was taken as a surprise “treat” to see Kasabian this month. I bought, and enjoyed, their first album back in 2004 but after the disappointing second one haven’t paid them any attention other than to roll my eyes at their unconvincing attempt to be rock and roll stars. But, credit where it’s due, the gig was an enjoyable affair – even in the humongous O2 Arena – and this oldie about burnt chips from that debut, complete with huge gospel choir, was joyous. Really.

10.  Margo Price – ‘Pay Gap’ (2017)
From one of the albums of the year, All American Made, comes this country protest song urging for gender equality. “In the eyes of rich white men, I’m no more than a maid to be owned like a dog, And a second-class citizen”.


  1. Pretty sure that’s Billy Bragg’s guitar on Girl From the Mountain :-)