Thursday, 4 June 2015


You’ve had the John Peel show, Peter Young’s Soul Cellar, Brian Matthew’s Sounds of the Sixties and Theme Time Radio Hour with your host Bob Dylan. Now, put all thoughts of those seminal radio programmes behind you and get ready to turn that dial to Fusion-On-Air for Monkey’s Wandering Wireless Show. Yes folks, calling out around the world, I’ll be dipping a cautious hairy toe in the broadcasting game this Sunday.

Fusion is small but perfectly formed internet station which comes to life at regular intervals, notably on Sunday nights when listeners send in playlists which Mick Collins enthusiastically builds into a show, or people present their own thing like the excellent Dr Gonzo’s Medicine Bag. All of which are very Monkey Picks-friendly in content. Thanks a lot to Fusion for asking me to get involved. 

I rather hastily agreed to present the show myself so apologies in advance for what’ll no doubt be a shaky and nervous debut but if you can overlook that you’ll hopefully be rewarded with a hour or so of brilliant tunes. It’ll be an aural equivalent of Monkey Picks with all the effort of tracing tracks down yourself taken out. Old favourites, forgotten gems and maybe the odd tune you’ll hear for the first time and dig. Crack open a beer, tune in, and sit back.

Show begins at 8.30pm. Go to just beforehand and it should spring into life at broadcast time. It might look like you need to log-in to Mixlr to listen but you don't. 


  1. Looking forward to this one, Monkey, as I do check out your monthly picks. Just listening to Dr Gonzo's show on this station which, as you say, is excellent.

  2. Cheers Ady. A voyage into the unknown!