Tuesday, 21 October 2014


The Phrogs were a regular fixture as the live attraction in Mod and 60s clubs back in the mid to late 90s. I saw them more times than I can remember and they were easily one of the better bands doing that circuit. They had a fiery British Beat/R&B thing going on and covered things “Leave My Kitten Alone” which sticks in my mind. The other thing I recall, which made them unique, is they had a frontman who didn’t do a great deal other than shake his maracas, blow a bit of harp and sing the occasional song. He did look cool though. The band, from Southend-on-Sea, were centred on the drummer who not only bashed his kit but sang and during a few songs (I think “I’m A Man” was one) played the organ at the same time. Some trick that. Now, they have a 7” single, “Baby I’m Gone”, out on Manchester’s Crocodile Records. Recorded back in 2001 at Toe Rag studios, it’s a right Elevators/Watchband rave-up. There’s also this breathless footage of them filmed at Channel 4 in the same year. If you can avert your eyes from the vest you're in for a treat. The band are still gigging and the single is available now from www.vinylrevivalmanchester.com

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  1. Superb stuff. Like something off Pebbles 6 - The Roots of Mod. Guitarist has a bit of a Eddie & The Hot Rods / Southend image thing going on while the bassist has the sartorial panache of Jesse Hector minus the side chops. Drummer puts me in mind of Manfred from The Woggles and the singer blows some mean harp and knows how to snarl, Saw this band too a few times and wondered what happened to them. Thanks for the 45rpm tip-off.