Wednesday, 13 July 2011


A couple of readers have recently pulled me up about reviewing gigs they hadn’t known were happening. With that in mind, here’s notice of a special night in London Town. Playing under the banner of simply “Stax”, Steve Cropper, Donald "Duck" Dunn and Eddie Floyd, plus Lester Snell from Isaac Hayes’s band on Hammond, and Steve Potts – Al Jackson’s replacement in the MGs – on drums, they’ll be playing numbers from their label’s immense back catalogue, so expect all the classics. Even better, it’s in a large dancefloor space rather than the seating venues these things tend to take place in these days (see details on flyer). You’ll spot me at the front shouting for "Things Get Better" and "Melting Pot".


  1. My plan for this year's birthday is to go to Goodwood races, then fish & chips on the beach at West Wittering. But if the weather looks unpromising, we may head back after the last race to take this in.

    Have to be there this year - the Frankel/Canford Cliffs clash in the Sussex Stakes makes Haye/Klitchsko look like a playground tiff. This is the big event of the year - been waiting for it since the Guineas.

    Next year, as I've previously mentioned, not bothering with a birthday do as it clashes with something in east London.

  2. I got "Melting Pot" as the first song. Result.